Travel Smarter with a Great Personal or Car Seat Dog Carrier

What’s better than being able to travel the four corners of the globe?

Being able to do so while taking your dog with you!

Maybe your dog is about to leave its pawprints on the world as the two of you go globetrotting together. Maybe you love taking it on regular hunting trips or walks out in nature. Maybe you’re just sick of dog hair sticking to the backseat of your car when you take your dog to the vet. Whatever the case may be and wherever your travels take you, a dog carrier for your back or backseat can help you two travel smarter and mess-free.

To that end, here are a few things to consider when purchasing a carrier along with a closer look at personal vs. car carriers.

Your Dog’s Size

The first thing that you’ll want to consider when looking into different dog carriers is your dog’s size. Depending on its breed and its size, certain carriers may be too big or small. If you are getting a personal carrier, you’ll want to make sure that it’s big enough to fit your dog and that you can carry it comfortably and ensure that the straps don’t weigh too heavily on your shoulders when you do so. If you are getting a car carrier, you’ll need to consider both your dog’s size as well as the logistics of fitting it into the backseat and getting it to stay put.

Shelter From Shedding

No one likes the prospect of having his or her car seat resembling cheap shag carpeting because his or her dog has shed all over it. That’s why car seat carriers in particular are especially important. They can make the difference between the back of your car looking pristine or a perfect mess. What’s more, the right car seat can also make travel easier and more comfortable for your dog as it won’t have to fidget around to find the right spot in the back.

Just set down the car seat, make sure that it’s secure, put your dog in, and drive off together.

Color and Style

Is there anything more stylish than carrying and caring for your dog while coordinating your carrier with the rest of your ensemble? You and your dog are cool and know it so why not show off that sense of style with a carrier that’s a perfect match for your sense of style?

Dog carriers come in a wide range of styles from slim, sleek, and understated to big, bold, and bursting with color. Find one that matches your personality and that of your dog.

Personal vs. Car Carriers

Whether you want to get a personal carrier, car carrier, or both will really depend on what type of needs you have. If you travel a lot on foot, a personal backpack-style carrier can be a huge help. If you drive a lot with your dog, you’ll naturally want to get a car seat carrier. Either way, you’ll want to find one that’s snug, comfy, and durable.

Travel with your dog a better way with personal and car seat carriers today!

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