The Best Outdoor Dog Water Toys & Gear for Summer

People, especially those who battle yearly harsh and extended winters, believe that the summer season is their reward for battling a harrowing winter. Unfortunately, global warming has made summers as inhospitable as the soul-crushing winters in most parts of the world. With summers, come out our gallon-sized water bottles and of course the skimpiest of clothes.
However, have you ever imagined how life would have been if you were forced to wade through the summer season wrapped in a fur coat? The idea, in itself, is repugnant. That’s life for our furries during the summer season! The best outdoor dog water toys & gear for summer.

Continued exposure to summer heat can leave your dog dehydrated, making them susceptible to heat strokes. Excessive heat can prove to be lethal as well. So, as you brace yourself to celebrate and enjoy the summer season, do not forget your furry friends! Buy them things they need to fight the unbearable summer heat.

We dedicate this article to our Summer Favorites, the best toys, gear and cooling pads that will make life easier for your canine friends during the summer season.

Here’s what You Need to Make Summers Fun and Bearable for Your Furry Friends

Ice-Cooling Summer Pads

Dogs do not have sweat glands — they pant to cool down. Dogs, therefore, can always use some help in bringing down their core temperature.
An ice-cooling summer pad is the perfect summer accessory to help your pet cool off!
These pads utilize a soft and cool get that radiates heat back, thereby allowing dogs to feel cool throughout the day. These ice-cooling summers pads can be used both indoors as well as outdoors and are made from non-toxic materials that do not harm your dog in any way. More importantly, they do not usually require either electricity or refrigeration to work.

If you are looking for a summer pad, we recommend buying this one: Pets Ice Cooling Summer Pads. It is made from high-quality materials and comes in three different sizes to make sure there is a perfect size for all kinds of dogs. It is the perfect accessory you need to keep your dog cool throughout the summers.

Rubber Water Toys

If you and your dog spend a lot of time in the pool to stay cool, dog water toys are the perfect accessory to keep the two of you entertained!
We recommend investing your money in one of these water toys: Dogs Water Floating Bite-resistant Rubber Toys.
This pet training toy uses non-toxic rubber in its design and is therefore entirely healthy for your pet.

More importantly, it supports teeth cleaning function and will get rid of any oral odor your dog may have. This dog toy for tough chewers is also anti-slip and floating and is, therefore, the ideal toy to make your pool time even more fun. It comes in four different designs, so the paucity of options will never be an issue.

Teeth Cleaning Toys

Sometimes all your canine companion needs to battle the heat is a chewy toy that will keep them occupied.
Dog’s Bone Shaped Rubber Chew Toy will not only keep your doggo occupied and busy during the summer season but will also help maintain their oral health.
This dog chew toy contains a toothpaste reservoir equipped with aligned teeth brushing bristles and a toothpaste hole. Its bone-shaped design will attract your dog to it and compel them to play with it. All in all, this toy offers good value for money.

Dogs Swimming Pools

There is no better way to tackle a hot summery afternoon than taking a dip in the water and thus, a foldable dog pool is one of our fun summer favorites for dogs!
Dogs love themselves a pool as much as humans do. So, get your dog a foldable dog pool that you can open and keep under a shade as and when it starts getting too hot.
We recommend buying this foldable, portable, and easy-to-fill foldable pool that is easy to set up and easy to drain: Foldable Dog Pool

It is made from PVC and is therefore slip-resistant and sturdy and will easily last you long years. Most importantly, it’s available in different sizes and therefore, you can opt for a size that is perfect for your dog. You can also carry it around with you when you go visiting friends and family with your dog.
So, keep your dog cool with this collapsible dog swimming pool!

Splash Sprinklers

If you are looking for a splash sprinkler, do not think twice before buying this one: Splash Sprinkler Outdoor Pad for Dogs.
This splash sprinkler is made from phthalate-free PVC material and is therefore environment-friendly. It is also quite easy to install — all you have to do is insert the garden hose into the cushion sprinkler and adjust the pressure to suit your needs. You can also fold it and carry it around with you if need be. In simple words, this is the perfect thing to cool off your dog as well as keep them in a playful and happy mood!

Automatic Water Feeders

An outdoor automatic dog water feeder is an absolute necessity during the summer season! With this outdoor fountain, your dog can get access to fresh and cold water any time they want.
If you are looking for an automatic water feeder, we recommend putting your money in this one: Outdoor Automatic Water Feeder for Dogs.
It is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also super easy to clean.
The footstep comes with slip protection and thus, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your furry friend has access to clean drinking water anytime they want and the machine will guarantee their safety too.

Drinking Bottles for Dogs

Even if you have an automatic water feeder at home, you still need a good dog travel water bottle that you can carry around with you when you are out with your furry and that will double up as an automatic water feeder as and when you want.
We recommend this Pet Outdoor Drinking Bottle for a variety of reasons.
First, its design is simple and impressive — it will look good hanging out from the side of your bag while you are on a trip with your canine companion. Second, this bottle is leak-proof and unbreakable. Therefore, you won’t be constantly worried about water spillage and other related problems. Last, it is easy to carry and immediately turns into an automatic water feeder.

It is also pretty affordable and offers great value for money!

This is another portable pet dog water bottle that we highly recommend: Portable Expandable Travel Food Grade Silicone Dog Water Bottle. Its flip-up silicone drinking bowl design makes it super easy to feed your dog water anywhere and anytime you want!
The bottle is made from food-grade material and is BPA and PVC free. Thus, you know for sure your dog isn’t taking anything inside that’s harmful to them.
Its handheld design makes it quite easy to carry around and its 650 ml capacity makes it the ideal size for small to big dogs.

Pets Cooling Vests

If your dog needs a hot vest during the winters, it also needs a cooling vest during the summers!
This Pet Dog Summer Cooling Vest doubles as a warm jacket during the winter months and as a cooling vest during the summer months.
More importantly, it also works as a harness throughout the year.
It features mesh with absorbent cotton lining which makes it suitable for all seasons.
It is also available in different colors and so, you have options to choose from.

If you are looking for something more funky and stylish, we recommend putting your money in this hot number: Dogs Shark Life jacket.
It is cool and effective and will you keep your dog cool while also making them look their gorgeous best.

If you and your dog are outdoorsy and often indulge in fun activities outdoors, your dog needs a weather-appropriate summer jacket that fits them well. Ill-fitted jackets increase your canine friend’s chances of getting cold while outside.
Other than being effective and stylish to look at, the jacket must also support other key features, such as leash portal and harness integration.
You will find all of these features in this
Summer Fun Life Jacket for Dogs that is available in multiple prints and colors!

Dog Shoes

Imagine walking bare feet under the scorching sun — you can instantly feel your feet burning!
Though dogs have harder skin than humans, their skin too is susceptible to burns. This summer season, safeguard your furry’s feet with cute and adorable dog shoes.
The demand for dog shoes has increased comfortably over the last few years as this fashion accessory also serves an important function — safeguarding your dog’s feet. 

If you’re looking for outdoor shoes that will allow your doggo to play in the sand or in water, we recommend these Non Slip Anti Skid Shoes for Dogs. Waterproof, non-slip, reflective and thick enough to protect your best friend’s feet, they’re a must have this summer.

Looking for a fashionable number? These cute Comfy Breathable Soft Mesh Shoes for Dogs come in several hot colors!

The best outdoor dog water toys & gear for summer – The final word

The summer season is far tougher to bear for our furry friends than it is for us. The least we humans can do is provide them with things that make it easier for them to fight the summer heat.
The high-quality products mentioned and reviewed in this article will certainly make your canine friend’s life easier during the summer season!


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