Snap the Perfect Pet Selfie with a Pet Selfie Stick

Consider the case of LOL Cats and Doggos.

We live in a world where cat memes and doggo pics aren’t just some of the most ubiquitous forms of media out there – they’re practically an art form unto themselves. From Keyboard Cat and “Can I Haz Cheezburger” to countless smiling huskies and videos of Overexcited Small Dogs doing Overexcited Small Dog Things, cat and dog pictures are a constant source of LOLs and love.

If you’re a pet owner, chances are you too have tried to take a pic or two with your pet yourself. Of course, anyone who’s tried to do this knows it’s easier said than done. You might think your pet is striking the cutest, funniest, most meme-able pose that you could capture forever with the perfect pet selfie if you could only snap the picture in time – but your pet isn’t always cooperative. Besides that, sometimes you can’t get the right angle before your pet moves on and the moment is lost.

Thankfully, a pet selfie stick can help – and here’s how.

Working the Angle

We’ve all seen people twisting this way and that to try and get in position for the perfect selfie. You’ve probably done it yourself, and hey, no shame – we’ve all done it. It may seem a little silly (and it is), but the perfect selfie can be worth it, especially when it’s with your adorable doggo! To snap the perfect pet selfie, you need to get your phone into the perfect position with ease – and that’s where this pet selfie stick comes in.

This pet selfie stick is incredibly flexible, allowing you to bend it into position with ease, which in turn can help you snap a selfie from any angle. That can be especially helpful when it comes to taking shots such as overhead and low angle shots which would be difficult to achieve with your phone alone.

How would you like it if someone loomed over you or got under you to try and take a selfie? You’d probably be more than a bit weirded out. Your pet is no different.

A pet selfie stick can help you position your phone at the perfect angle while you remain at a more comfortable distance from your pet, allowing you to snap a selfie without startling your dog.

Faster Pet Selfies

Another big problem with pet selfies? Your dog doesn’t hold their position. When taking a selfie with your friends, you can twist and turn all day (or at least until your friends start getting impatient) to get the perfect shot. With your pet, it’s a matter of seconds.

Thankfully, this pet selfie stick can help you take selfies with your pet faster than ever before. Setup is as simple as clicking it into place on your phone and bending it into position. Even better, it features a clamp where you can place a treat to entice your dog to stay put while you take the shot, then reward them for being the best model ever! Make a moment last a lifetime with the best pet selfie sticks out there!

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