Keep Your Dog’s Paws Clean with Fantastic Paw Washers

Different dog breeds require different types of care but one thing that every dog needs (and every dog owner desperately wants!) is clean paws. Much as you love your dog, you probably don’t love all the mud and mess that it can track in on the bottom of its paws. Moreover, dirty paws aren’t exactly great for your pet’s health, either. Muddy paws can lead to everything from germs to ticks to thorns embedding themselves in your dog’s paws, none of which is good for its short- or long-term well-being.

No matter your breed, washing its paws is an important part of taking care of it and specialized dog paw washers can help you clean paws more thoroughly and efficiently.

How Paw Washers Work?

Using these dog paw washers is simple.

Each kit comes with soft bristles and a cylindrical cup in which to place them. When set up correctly, the bristles fan out inside in such a way as to resemble the brushes inside a car wash. In keeping with that analogy, you then take soap and water, place them in the washer as well as on your dog’s paw, and then bring the latter through the former. The soft bristles brush up and down your dog’s paws, giving them a soft wash from the bottom pads and nails to the top near its ankles.

How Can They Help?

Cleaning your dog’s paws with a paw washer can help ensure that you don’t miss a spot come washing time. What’s more, the soft bristles help ensure that your dog doesn’t suffer discomfort while you clean its paws. In addition, these dog paw washers are highly portable, making them ideal for helping you wash your dog’s paws during or after a walk, which can help keep them free of thorns and debris.
Keep your dog’s paws clean the smart way with high-quality dog paw washers!

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