Find Your Dog a Doghouse That Feels Like Home

There’s no place like home. That’s true for you and it’s true for your dog, too. Wolves in the wild build their own dens or nestle into territories they carve out for themselves, creating homes of their own. Sure, they don’t tend to be pink or snuggly soft inside or be shaped like cute pineapples but after all, those are your home décor choices bleeding into their dens.

Choosing a home for your four-legged friend is inevitably an exercise in home decorating. You want your doggo to feel safe, secure, calm, and comfortable, sure, but you don’t want its doghouse to clash with your interior décor setup, either. Let’s be real; you care a lot more about how your dog’s doghouse looks than it does. Your dog probably couldn’t care less if its hovel was the tackiest eyesore imaginable or stained with muddy little pawprints, but you do.

On the other hand, you can bet that your dog won’t care much for living in a supposed doggie palace if it has all the comfort of a cold hard floor.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few factors that every dog owner should consider when picking out the perfect interior doghouse, mat, bedding, and other pet accommodations.

What Size and Shape for the Best Doghouse?

First and foremost, you’ll need to give some consideration to the size and shape of your dog’s doghouse and living area. Part of this will naturally depend on its breed. A German shepherd is going to require some very different living conditions than a Shih-Tzu. You’ll also want to consider the shape and interior spatial proportions of the doghouse as well.

You’ll also want to determine whether your doghouse, mat, bedding, and the rest of the pet accoutrements are meant to be portable. If so, it may benefit you to look into collapsible options.

Doghouses tend to range between 30 and 50 centimeters in terms of their height, width, and depth. For example, this faux-red brick beauty measures 39×40.5x44cm while travel-friendly options such as this portable soft striped bed coming in Small, Medium & Large sizes.

In terms of your own home décor, you want to make sure that whatever size and shape you choose doesn’t impinge too much upon a given room. That said, you don’t want to leave your dog with too little space to itself, either.

Simplicity vs. Extravagance

Along with color, you’ll also want to consider your doghouse’s style, which really feeds back into your own tastes.

Are you someone who embraces elegance in simplicity?

Or are you someone who loves to walk on the wild side?

Whether you choose to opt for a more traditional look or opt for something as wacky as this SpongeBob-esque pineapple-shaped doghouse, there are plenty of options for both extremes and everything in between.

The key is to make sure that whatever you choose fits your own décor style while remaining warm, soft, and cozy for your four-legged friend.

With your decorative touch and eye towards care and comfort, you can choose a doghouse that will make your dog feel truly at home.

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