Dress up Your Dog the Right Way

From Fashion Week in New York, London, Paris, and Milan to start-up brands online that produce and sell stylish clothes faster and more inexpensively than we can imagine and perhaps appreciate, we live in a golden age of fashion choices. As such, you have to be a pretty diehard dog lover to look at that and think, “But where can I find a nice knitted sweater or vest for my dog?” Of course, you are that diehard dog lover, and thankfully the answer is right here!

From snuggly warm knitted sweaters to winter coats and vests to plaid (because of course your dog needs plaid!) you’ll be able to track down cute pet clothes of every stripe.

Here are a few pieces of advice to take to heart when dressing up your dog.

Form and Function

First, take a step back and think – how do you pick out clothes? Besides spending hours on end browsing in shops or online and agonizing (and loving) every choice, chances are you look for clothes which marry form and function. On the one hand, you want clothes that look good. On the other hand, you want clothes that feel good.

Therein lies the dilemma that has spawned centuries of fashion magazines, periodicals, channels, and blogs.

With dogs, you may think that all that drama will fade away. After all, let’s be honest – buying clothes for your dogs is less about them being a clothes horse and you wanting to try them out in every last cute pet outfit you can get your hands on. Your pet probably couldn’t care less, but you couldn’t care more.

That said, if your dog does care about anything regarding pet clothes, it’s the fit. Your pet might be fine modeling the latest cute sweater or vest you’ve found for them, but they won’t want to wear anything too itchy, hot, or restrictive – and after all, who would?

That’s why you’ll always want to keep a keen eye on the materials being used in the clothes you buy for your pet, and manage your fashion sense with their natural need for comfort.

Choose the Right Size

That also means being extremely conscious of what size items are. You might be willing to brave skinny jeans, but your dog won’t want any part of anything that’s even remotely a tight fit. When in doubt, buy on the bigger side.

Dress Them for the Season (and Weather)

Is there anything cuter than a dog in seasonal wear? Getting them into the holiday spirit with a Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or general winter-themed sweatshirt or turtleneck can be a great way to help them keep warm while giving you gold greeting card material. That spirit of dressing them sensibly and seasonably should last year round. Don’t go expecting them to wear that same winter sweatshirt in June. Instead, opt for cute shirts or other light, loose-fitting doggie clothing.

Whether you want to transform your dog into the perfect gentlemen, favor some country flavor, want a more hip hop style for them, or have any number of other pet fashion impulses, you’re sure to find the right clothes to pull them off.


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